Ciao, Bella! Welcome to our brand new blog and website! We are so excited for you to learn all about Italian cuisine, the history of Italy, and what makes Leon’s the place to be. Located in North Haven, we are the establishment to get some authentic, delicious and filling Italian dishes for you and the whole family to enjoy. Since 1938, we have been staking our claim for amazing Italian food and family friendly atmosphere. When you dine at Leon’s expect not only exceptional Italian dishes but also exceptional service. You will be able to taste our passion in every bite you take.

At Leon’s, we want you to know why we aren’t the same ole’ Italian restaurant. In our blog, we will discuss some of the histories of Italian dishes, what makes a restaurant great, and many reasons why you will love Leon’s. So, come have a bite with your  friends in North Haven.

In this post, we are going to go over what makes an Italian restaurant go from good to sensational. We feel it is important to stand out from the crowd. And we feel it is extremely important to let you know why you will find Leon’s divine.

What Makes an Italian Restaurant Incredible?


Obviously, this is a given, but when you go to certain Italian eateries, you may feel the food is alright, and not that wow-worthy. Many times, people keep coming back to a restaurant because of how good the food is. Our goal is to make it feel as if your Nonna made this meal from scratch. Our chef, Edward E. Varipapa ignites a passion when he creates these delectable, unique, yet traditional dishes. He provides a wide variety of food that everyone can enjoy. Start off your meal with Pane Cotto, a delicious and light dish consisting of sauteed greens, beans, prosciutto, and freshly baked rustic bread. The combination of the salty and satisfying prosciutto mixed with the greens will leave you wanting more. For your entree, there are a plethora of options such as Penne Amante, Wild Mushroom Ravioli, and the classic Chicken Parmigiana. If you want to try something unique and splendid, go for the Gypsy Chicken. This dish is fennel, sausage, onion, hot cherry peppers, fried potatoes, and red wine vinegar. One of Edward’s famous dishes is sure to delight your taste buds. End your meal with some traditional tiramisu or try a famous house banana bourbon bread pudding. Our Italian restaurant can transport you back into your mamma’s kitchen.


When you walk through the door of Leon’s, we don’t want you to feel like another customer, we want you to feel like family. You can expect to always be greeted with a smile, a warm personality, and amazing staff to cater to your needs while you are dining at Leon’s. Our staff at Leon’s will be knowledgeable as much as they are courteous. Having an exceptional staff along with irresistible food is what makes Leon’s a great place for lunch, dinner, or a special event. Expect timely assistance and your food brought to your table steaming, every time. Our staff has a true passion for making a meal not just another meal, but an experience. Our restaurant staff loves working at Leon’s because just like how you are family: we are all family here.


The last thing that makes us an exceptional eating establishment is the way you feel when you sit down at your table. We want you to always feel welcome like we’re old friends instead of acquaintances. With a traditional set up with some contemporary twists, our restaurant has a pleasing aesthetic that anyone can enjoy. Relish in a calm yet entertaining atmosphere and relax after a long day at work, or just enjoy a quality family meal without lifting a finger.

Enjoy Delicious Food With Us!

At Leon’s, you can expect exceptional service, an enjoyable atmosphere, and most of all, incredible Italian cuisine. If you are feeling hungry, come to our restaurant in North Haven, Enjoy traditional dishes and some with a new contemporary edge. Whatever you are eating at our Italian restaurant will be sure to remind you of home. We can’t wait to manga with you. Stay tuned for our blog for all things Italian!