Vidalia onions – accept no impostors –

Hey y’all, it’s Vidalia onion time. And that is big time. What other onion has its own museum, state and federal law of protection, festival, YouTube channel, website, Facebook page and Twitter account?

The Vidalia actually started as a fluke as farmers in the Depression tried different crops. In a small section of Georgia with the right soil contents, an onion grew that wasn’t hot but very sweet. Folks flipped over them and soon word of those sweet onions from Georgia got out.

Another factor in the rise in popularity of the Vidalia was “The Pig.” The Piggly Wiggly grocery chain was headquartered in, where else, but Vidalia, Georgia. So began the onions’ ascent to regional, national and eventual international fame.
In the mid-1980s, farmers united to seek both state and federal protection of the growing region, meaning the growing area was defined to 20 middle Georgia counties. Only onions grown there can be legally called Vidalias. If your Vidalia doesn’t say it’s from Vidalia, you’ve got yourself an imposter. And an imposter Vidalia is enough to give this Georgia girl the vapors. So take a little time and treat yourself to “America’s favorite sweet onion” – the Vidalia!

Did you ever truly experience the magnificent sweetness of a Vidalia onion?

Out of this World – just ask Eddie!!