OK – OK with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching and on its way, in the coming weeks many of us can expect to be bombarded with mushy cards, bouquets of roses, heart-shaped boxes filled with candy, veritable parades of pink and red. There’ll be no way to escape the onslaught until the drug store around the corner has sold its very last conversation heart. So rather than getting grumpy about it, you may as well get in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. The best way to do it? Plop down on the couch to cuddle and maybe cry over a romantic flick that will tug at your heartstrings.

Some of the most romantic movies have big-time food moments. Wining and dining is ingrained in the language of movie romance, whether it is the hero trying to impress or to win back their ladies or when characters first fall in love or cement their love.

Combine a sappy movie session with an obsession with food, and you’ll find a ton of romantic moments in these movies to swoon and hunger after. How many times did we wish we were sitting at that table for two on the rooftop with Kate and Leopold, or sharing spaghetti and meatballs with a special someone like Lady and the Tramp?

The sustenance of choice in these scenes may be sweet, savory, sexy or silly but it is these moments that bring couples together. To quote Charles M. Schultz, the creator of Peanuts and a homespun philosopher, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” Valentine’s Day is for lovers and food lovers to, so be sure to check out some of my favorite romantic food moments!

However, I am more interested in knowing yours!! Tell me your favorite romantic food moments in the comments below – as I am sure I am missing many!

‘Lady and the Tramp’
We all know the scene, when the Tramp shows Lady a good time on the other side of the tracks. What’s more romantic than watching two dogs getting close over pasta and eventually kissing? And how many times did you try to recreate it? Admit it, at least once!

‘Beauty and the Beast’
One of the most charming scenes of this classic Disney animated movie is when Belle begins to fall for the Beast over breakfast on a snowy day. She totally digs how he slurps his porridge, and we can’t help but giggle at how perfect these two are for each other.

‘9 and ½ Weeks’ –
MY FAVORITE! DOWN – DIRTY and SEXY! What could be better than FOOD & SEX!
‘9 and ½ Weeks’ proves that food can be sexy and silly at the same time. In a scene, lovers Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke, who are little more than strangers, sit on the floor in front of an open refrigerator. He playfully entices her with a hard-boiled egg, jalapenos, maraschino cherries, honey and other random foods. How sweet is that?

‘Kate and Leopold’
The rooftop dinner for Kate comes complete with a violinist and a man who stepped out of the past. Between the ambiance and the delicious dinner, we can’t get over how romantic it all is! How can fairy tales not come true when you are sitting across the table from hunky, Hugh Jackman?

‘Love Actually’
Everyone in a restaurant in Portugal stops eating to witness Colin Firth’s character fumble with the language to propose to a pretty Portuguese waitress. Love clearly knows no boundaries and we would kill for a restaurant proposal this sweet!

‘Like Water For Chocolate’
Food can be enticing, sensual and supposedly even an aphrodisiac. Tita’s oddly appealing quail made with rose petal sauce has an intense effect on anyone eating it. She made the dish for the man that she loved, but ended up treating everyone at the table to something extra special.

After setting up shop in a village in rural France, the shopkeeper entices the townspeople with her exotic homemade chocolates. Eventually, everyone falls under her spell, even the dashing gypsy played by heartthrob Johnny Depp. A movie where we watch people fall in love with every bite… the better question is what isn’t a romantic food scene?

OK – OK – Now tell me yours!