La Tomatina — Bruñol, SpainNothing brings people together like food. Whether it’s a Thanksgiving dinner with your family or sharing wine and cheese with a friend in the park, eating is generally a social affair.

For some cultures, sometimes a single ingredient or dish is reason enough to join in celebration. Take barbecue, seafood, and agricultural festivals as a few common American examples. Some festivals stray from the beaten path of tradition, however, and make for some unique and unusual fetes.

In Italy, they throw oranges. In Spain, they throw tomatoes. On the last Wednesday of August, bring your gloves and goggles and get rid of any pent-up aggression by throwing tomatoes at complete strangers for an hour. The fight can’t begin until someone manages to climb a two-story-high greased pole and throw down the ham sitting at the top. After that, it’s every person for themselves in the world’s biggest food fight.

Anyone up for a trip? This is a must do!