If there’s one group of people who are best positioned to reshape America’s appetites, it’s chefs.

Increasingly though, we collectively must understand that, to be successful, we must also think about the health and wellness of our patrons – and that buzzword sustainability.

The food industry is changing across many dimensions, and chefs and culinary professionals must keep pace.

In order to build demand for healthier and more sustainable food choices, chefs must be educators, advocates and guides through the complexities of our food system. They must be informed about key issues so they, in turn, can inform and guide customers on what to buy and eat.

We have become a nation of more adventurous eaters, chefs have a unique opportunity to leverage our new, collective culinary wanderlust on behalf of public health so that no one gets up from the table unsatisfied.

We are at a turning point in our culinary history – let’s turn together.

By pairing the passion, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of young, aspiring chefs with the increasingly informed customers, we have the opportunity to stride toward a brighter, more appetizing horizon for everyone at the table.

Just some thoughts…