It’s no surprise that a few daily cups of Starbucks is bound to give you the jitters, and with this new app, you’ll be able to measure that jittery feeling. Jawbone, the technology company that created a wearable band to calculate insights into your health and lifestyle, has now created the UP Coffee app, which tracks the amount of caffeine you ingest and how it is affecting you sleep schedule over long periods of time. The app was created after the study that used Jawbone technology to look at the sleep patterns of 1,600 Jawbone-wearers found that we aren’t sleeping as much as we should be. So who is the culprit? Smartphone vibrations, consistent email checking, and of course: drinking too much caffeine.

The way it works is that throughout the day, users log every time they ingest a coffee, tea, energy drink, or soda, and the app will calculate their alertness from “wired” to “sleep ready.” After tracking your caffeine habits for 10 days, the app will be able to tell you exactly how much sleep you are losing from your coffee habit.

Hope this helps!