It was not the first and surely will not be the last attempt – do you blame them??
Great Nutella Heist FoiledA truck, filled to the brim with €200,00 worth of Nutella, was hijacked and the truck driver held hostage for a few hours. The thieves were after the precious chocolate and hazelnut spread, since its black market value is significantly higher than any other spread.

The unlucky truck driver had stopped for a brief nap at a service stop on the A1 highway in Italy, near Rome when he was attacked, suffering light injuries. Another truck driver, however, witnessed the heist and called the police which managed to apprehend the sweet-toothed thieves and recover the Nutella. This is not the first time Nutella becomes a target for thieves.

A similar attempt in Germany some months earlier was successful and the thieves got away with 5 tonnes worth of Nutella. The value of that heist was placed at €15,000 so this one would have been the greatest Nutella heist on record.