and now I do…

When you think of a rice cooker, there’s probably one image that comes to mind: a round pot that you plug into the wall, add rice and water to, and turn on. A while later, you return to the pot, and voila! A meal’s worth of fresh and fluffy rice is ready to go. An amazing friend, the best coach ever and a passionate foodie Claude Sandro had me invest in a rice cooker a while back and since I have never looked back! Thank you Claudio for this and all of the worthwhile advice over the years!

Using a rice cooker to make rice is indeed an obvious choice, but it is not the only one. There are many things you can do with a rice cooker that do not include rice for example:

1. Risotto – works fantastic – no fuss and consistent all the time.
2. Poached Fruit – think pears in wine…awe yes!
3. Frittata – for those who know how good an asparagus and potato frittata is!
4. Oatmeal – seriously every morning to start my day – with Vietnamese cinnamon!
5. Lentils – lentils are a healthy, high-protein meal option for anyone on the go.
6. Chicken – and it stays moist and edible.
7. Cake – what is wrong with making your favorite protein packed cake – it works well!
8. Hungarian Goulash – or any other slow stewed meat dishes.
9. Beans – after soaking your dried beans, they’re very easy to prepare in a rice cooker.
10. Polenta – a Venetian favorite & mine as well – goes with nearly every protein imaginable

Hope this inspires you! Let me know your thoughts!