What Are Some Of The Healthiest and Unhealthiest Condiments, You Ask?

By simply changing or avoiding some of these condiments – it can change your lifestyle!

So before you start slathering on your favorite party food toppings, you will probably want to make sure they aren’t making your dish worse, in terms of health.

The worst offender on the list. And although not surprising, it’s a little alarming, since this condiment is not only a staple in sandwiches, but it also appears in loads of salads and other favorite party appetizers!
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise: 90 calories per serving

Next up is barbecue’s favorite topper: relish. Sadly this comes in second place as the unhealthiest condiment, but it’s a far cry from mayonnaise. But as it costs you only 20 calories, this topper in moderation is just fine!
Del Monte Hamburger-Style Relish: 20 calories per serving

The funny thing about ketchup is that there never seems to be enough of it — especially for our already fatty foods we like to dip in it. While on par with relish at 20 calories a serving, this condiment is dangerous because we pile it on in pretty heavy quantities. Look for low sugar when shopping or possibly consider going to mustard.
Heinz Ketchup: 20 calories per serving

Steak Sauce
For those that really like to load on the steak sauce, don’t fret too much. The standard flavor of steak sauce will only cost you 15 calories per serving!
A.1. Steak Sauce: 15 calories per serving

It’s perfect on just about everything, and you can feel guilt-free using this condiment in all of your party recipes — it’s roughly five calories a serving!
Tuong Ot Sriracha: 5 calories per serving

Hot Sauce
It pays to take the heat! This common tailgate condiment is the perfect thing to spice up your party and won’t cause any health complaints from party guests. My favorite! I use this on everything and LOVE it!
Tabasco Hot Sauce: 0 calories per serving

Pile on the tangy topping! Hot dogs’ favorite condiment comes at no health cost calorie-wise, so go ahead and enhance your food as much as you like.
French’s Mustard: 0 calories per serving