The Best Sicilian Wine Pairings:

Grilled fish and wine from Mount Etna: a great finish to summer
When you think live volcano do you also think vineyard? Probably not. But in the Etna region on the Mediterranean island of Sicily, there are vineyards on the slopes of Mount Etna, Europe’s tallest active volcano.
So in the spirit of adding a new taste to your wine repertoire, I wanted to enlighten you with a region you might not have considered and BTW – these wines are perfect with grilled fish!

Plus, these winemakers work hard to bring you their wines. In addition to worrying about all of the other elements, farmers there have to deal with lava and extreme inclines in order to make great wine.

BONACCORSI VALCERASA Etna Bianco 2009 (Etna, Italy) $22
Pale yellow, fresh, and floral – straight forward grilled fish (halibut or sword).

TENUTA TERRE NERE Rosato 2012 (Etna, Italy) $20
A refreshing medium-bodied rosé with a hint of citrus, this is summer in a bottle.

MURGO Etna Rosso 2010 (Etna, Italy) $12
This wine is medium bodied, with a hint of smoke, earth, and cherry, perfect for the roasted tomato flavor of this pairing.