1. More Reasons to Dine at Our Italian Restaurant in North Haven

    If you have been keeping up with our blog, we have been dishing out reasons why we think you should take an afternoon or night off and come to Leon’s. Our restaurant is one of the best in North Haven because of its atmosphere, food, and friendly and professional staff. When you come to Leon’s, we want you to feel like an old friend, not just another customer. While we understand you want to co…Read More

  2. Best Reasons to Dine Out at Our Italian Restaurant

    It’s 4:30, you are only about a half hour away from the end of the day and you are already dreading the thought of making dinner. You’re tired, you are indecisive about what to make, and a part of you just wants to relax after a long day. Well, instead of throwing together that casserole you don’t even like, come visit us in North Haven! At Leon’s, our doors are always open. We understand …Read More

  3. Amazing Benefits of Italian Food in North Haven

    When you think of Italian cuisine what are the first things that come to mind? We hope it's delicious, cheesy, saucy, and filling, to start. However, have you ever considered that healthy can also be included and associated with this one of kind sustenance. At Leon’s in North Haven, we want to let you in on why we feel Italian food is the greatest cuisine and why our chef is the best to prepare …Read More

  4. Why We Love Italian Cuisine

    Welcome back to our blog! In our last post, we were diving into what makes Leon’s a wonderful Italian restaurant. Hopefully, we were able to show you why Leon’s is well-known and well-loved in North Haven. In our next post, we are going over why people just love Italian cuisine so much. Is it because of how a meal brings a family together? Because it’s filled with passion and simplicity? Or …Read More

  5. Welcome to Our New Blog!

    Ciao, Bella! Welcome to our brand new blog and website! We are so excited for you to learn all about Italian cuisine, the history of Italy, and what makes Leon’s the place to be. Located in North Haven, we are the establishment to get some authentic, delicious and filling Italian dishes for you and the whole family to enjoy. Since 1938, we have been staking our claim for amazing Italian food and…Read More

  6. Spain stomps its way to wine sales supremacy

    Considering the 2013 vintage, Spain has stomped on its grape-growing European counterparts to become the biggest wine producer in the world. According to the Spanish government, Spain produced roughly 6.7 billion bottles of wine last year - more than a bottle apiece for every single person on the planet, at least if you subtract kids. Despite making all this wine, Spain isn’t drinking it. Accord…Read More

  7. Things You Didn't Know You Could Make in a Rice Cooker –

    and now I do... When you think of a rice cooker, there's probably one image that comes to mind: a round pot that you plug into the wall, add rice and water to, and turn on. A while later, you return to the pot, and voila! A meal's worth of fresh and fluffy rice is ready to go. An amazing friend, the best coach ever and a passionate foodie Claude Sandro had me invest in a rice cooker a while back a…Read More

  8. 10 Foods That Burn Fat

    Make sure to stock your fridge with these foods - and BTW never to early for - Italian Long Hots and San Marzano Tomatoes!! Spring is almost here, which means that many of you are getting ready for your warm-weather and body-bearing clothes. If you are hoping to lose weight and show off your long lean muscles this spring, in addition to hitting the gym (tell me you have not waited all winter) and …Read More

  9. 5 Tips for Starting Grilling Season Off Right

    It’s been a long and harsh winter across the nation with snow and ice storms forcing even the most die hard barbecue and grilling fans to keep their cooking relegated to the kitchen. But with the start of spring comes warmer temperatures and longer days, the perfect combination for those looking to fire up their backyard smokers and grills for the season’s first backyard cookout. Whether your …Read More