This photo was actually taken by me in Rome after we just finished a five course tasting menu highlighting seasonal black and white truffles – finishing with – Salted Caramel Black Truffle Gelato!! An Experience to say the least!

Do the truffle shuffle! May 2 is National Truffle Day.

A little more rare than your average pack of button mushrooms at the grocery store, these underground beauties that seem to magically surface at the foot of trees are definitely special enough to get their own day.

There are plenty of species of truffles, but only a few are prized as edible. White and black truffles are the favorites, with white being a little more dense and pungent. While they are difficult to cultivate, it is possible – and folks still use their specially trained truffle hogs, or even dogs, to help sniff them out among the acorns. If you’ve got a passion for it, you could turn it into quite a business!

Truffles are best used sparingly because the aroma itself can be intense. You can serve them shaved over a warm pasta dish or fried eggs. You can also slip thin slices of truffle into the holiday stuffing. Just be warned if you decide to reach for some truffle oil to splash over your fancy fries, there is a chance it has no truffle derivative in it whatsoever.

Now, for those of you who fancy chocolate over a rare mushroom, we hear you. Since there’s no rule on which type of truffle today is devoted to, feel free to indulge in the round chocolate confection that bears the same name!

Either way – Enjoy and Ask Eddie!