National ice cream sandwich day:

Here’s a sweet start to National Sandwich Month – August 2 is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.

With its different textures and temperatures, the ice cream sandwich is a treat that satisfies more than one o

f the senses.
It’s unclear who we have to thank for this portable dessert, but we’re grateful nonetheless. Depending on where you are in the world, your ice cream sandwich can look very different from what Americans are used to. Some other countries use wafers, cake or even profiteroles instead of cookies for the top and bottom layers.

The beauty of the ice cream sandwich is that it’s very easy to make. If you’re going to bake your own cookies for the treat, make sure they’re bigger and flatter than normal so they don’t break apart. The ice cream to cookie ratio is key as well: too much ice cream, in this instance, will leave you with a mess on your hands.
Ice cream sandwiches can be easily assembled by kids or dressed up by adults. They make for a great interactive dessert after an elaborate dinner. Bake a variety of cookies and have a few different ice creams on hand and guests can practice their sandwich artistry. There’s nothing like feeling like a kid again!

However because we are Italian – let us discuss my favorite Sweet Summer Sandwich –

Gelato + Brioche = the perfect portable sweet snack

Few foods kick-start the day like an eggy brioche–except when the mercury rises.

The solution: Shove some gelato inside.

Southern Italians have been doing this for years, and now the combination is spreading across the country like a delicious cold front. The pairing is so genius, why relegate it strictly to breakfast?

Today Leon’s will be featuring warm brioche with:

Wild Red Hook – Hudson Valley, New York Red Raspberries and Dark Chocolate Gelato

Hope to see you soon! Enjoy and Ask Eddie!