Here’s the scoop – June 7 is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

There are few things that separate human beings into categories: Cat versus dog people, morning versus night people, and then there’s chocolate versus vanilla people. While chocolate ice cream does come in second to vanilla in terms of ice-cream popularity, doesn’t mean it takes its position lightly.

Chocolate pairs surprisingly well with some unlikely partners. Take sea salt. The combination of salty and sweet is almost as refreshing as ice cream on a hot day.
Or, to spice things up a bit, chocolate pairs well with chilies too. These two flavors of ice cream are making their way from fancy parlors to grocery store refrigerators lickety-split, and if you’re a vanilla person, you should think about giving them a chance. The quality of chocolate being used in ice creams has also had a revamp. Ice cream makers now use top-notch cocoa, which adds to the richness of ice cream.
So, while chocolate might not take first place with patrons, it’s definitely not about to be iced out.

There is truly nothing better than your own ice cream and that is exactly what we do here at Leon’s! Stop in and try some today. We have a gorgeous sunny day – enjoy our deck, have a cocktail and of course finish with some of our house made Chocolate Ice Cream and Biscotti!

See you soon!

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