If you have been keeping up with our blog, we have been dishing out reasons why we think you should take an afternoon or night off and come to Leon’s. Our restaurant is one of the best in North Haven because of its atmosphere, food, and friendly and professional staff. When you come to Leon’s, we want you to feel like an old friend, not just another customer.

While we understand you want to cook for your family, sometimes, it’s better to leave the job to someone else. Coming to our restaurant allows you to relax, spend time with your family, and dive into an appetizing meal you can’t make for yourself.

Here are even more reasons you should let us cook you a meal at our restaurant:

Be in the Moment

When you are the dinner table in your home, you may still hear the dog barking at your neighbor, the TV on the in the background, and your kids fighting over the last crescent roll. At our restaurant, the distractions are gone and you can feel elated in the moment. Our restaurant allows you to connect with your family over food, drinks, and fun. Talk about each other’s day, ask about school, friends, and just converse to one another. Most of us are so wrapped up in the world around us that we forget what really is important.

Connecting is Key

If you work at a desk or cubicle, you are pretty secluded from others during the day. Going out to eat is a way to embrace the outside world and connect with others. Interacting socially is important for human development, as we are creatures that need to be stimulated this way. Going out with some coworkers after a long day is a great way to release stress, vent about work, and learn more about each other in a non-work setting. Work could possibly make you feel like a more quiet version of yourself. Show people who you really are.

No Clean up is Needed

While we appreciate you trying to stack plates and clean up your area as best you can, it is not necessary at our restaurant. This a time for you to completely let loose and that includes after dinner as well. You can relish in the fact our wait staff is available to take your plates out of the way and clean up your area. You won’t have to focus on the thought of a messy kitchen, or doing a set of dishes. Additionally, if you are too full from our large portions, you will have leftovers for lunch, which means less clean up at home regardless!

Support Small Business

One of the best reasons to go out to eat is to help support the local economy of North Haven. At Leon’s, we were just a small authentic family owned Italian restaurant that had a mission to create amazing food and meet wonderful people. Almost 70 years later, this is still our most important mission. We have designed a space where we want you to feel like an old friend. Our food is made by a gifted individual who puts something special into every bite, and our staff loves our restaurant and how they get to help you, even it is just for one meal.

There’s Always Dessert

Most of the times when you prepare a meal at home you usually forgo dessert. At a restaurant, however, it is thoroughly encouraged. Having dessert is the icing on the cake, pun intended. While we love all our delicious entrees and appetizers, desserts are something we always want you to indulge in. We have exquisite tiramisu, creamy cheesecake, and our famous cannolis. Whatever you fancy, we have it here at Leon’s. So, don’t feel guilty about wanting that chocolate-peanut butter creme brulee cake, share it with the whole family. If you are wanting a more grown up dessert, we have some amazing specialty coffees such as mint cappuccino kicker, orange chocolate latte, and the nutty Italian. Don’t let your night come to an end just yet, let us treat you just a bit more.

Dine With Us Tonight!

We feel these are some great reasons to come visit us in North Haven. However, there are millions of reasons to come to our Italian restaurant. Leon’s is a fun and relaxed atmosphere with an amazing staff and an incredible chef. If you have been searching for the ultimate dining experience, or you need a break from your yapping dog, we can’t wait to serve you a meal you won’t forget.