Today’s Goodie List! As I was putting our Goodie List together today – I couldn’t help but, think of my Grandfather – some of his favorite foods on the list! He would have had a field day today!! LOL! Bless Him!

Our housemade Italian fennel sausage/ local long hot peppers and wild mushrooms

Minestra – To Die For! – smoked ham hocks/ baby back pork spare ribs/
hearts of local escarole/ savoy cabbage and slow stewed cannellini beans

Porchetta Marchigiana Style – pork shoulder – seasoned, stuffed and tied – fennel, garlic and herbs/ oven roasted fingerling potatoes/ “andy boy” broccoli rabe/ chili’s

Cotenne or Agodina Braciole – pig skin wrapped around our housemade Italian fennel sausage/ simmered in our family sauce served over fresh pasta/ pecorino-romano

Beef Short Ribs and Pork Spare Ribs – simmered in our family sauce over rigatoni/ ricotta cheese and fresh hand torn herbs

Nothing like food to bring back family memories and good times!!