Giuseppe – grazie per i fichi oggi!
Giuseppe – grazie per i fichi oggi!

Fresh Fig, Prosciutto, and Goat Cheese Sandwich

The tangy goat cheese, the salty prosciutto, the sweet honey – it all works and makes for one seriously amazing snack this afternoon!

I say “Fig!” and amazingly how some will answer “Newton!” Sure, the filling inside that famous cookie might taste like figs for some people, but it’s hard to beat the real thing when figs are in season.

Juicy, mildly sweet, and slightly nutty, biting down into a fresh fig is a treat for the senses. Come the end of summer, there are few better treats than ripe, fresh figs especially off of a relatives tree!

And so, with succulent figs at their peak, it’s time once again to start flexing some creative muscles.

Don’t be a hater!! You too can enjoy this sandwich!