Could Chocolate be…

The Next Weight Loss Tool?

That’s enough I am already reaching for the bar buried behind the platters on the top shelf over the sink!

A study found that a sample of children who ate more chocolate had lower BMIs

Another reason to treat yourself to a piece of chocolate: A new study published in the journal Nutrition found that European kids who ate more chocolate also had a lower body mass index. So, more chocolate doesn’t necessarily mean more fat.

Scientists examined the chocolate intake of 1,458 subjects age 12.5 to 17.5, and found that subjects who had more chocolate (42.6 grams a day versus 4.7 grams a day) actually had lower BMIs, regardless of sex, age, and other diet factors.

Of course, this doesn’t mean dieters should immediately just let loose; chocolate does have some health benefits, but these are strictly limited to dark chocolate, which has less fat and a higher cacao content. Flavanols, found in tea and red wine, are also in chocolate, and dark chocolate has been linked to lower blood sugar and lower “bad” cholesterol levels.