Coming Soon to Leon’s Retail Store and a store near you… Thank you Fabulous Forbio!
It’s probably no coincidence that National Bloody Mary Day falls on January 1 — the beginning of a new year and possibly the continuation of hangovers from libations the night before. There’s no better excuse than a day off of work (and a pounding headache) to whip up a Bloody Mary.The history of the Bloody Mary isn’t clear; some say that American bartender Fernand Petiot created the vodka cocktail at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris back in the 1920s. That’s a bit more plausible than another piece of folklore, that the Bloody Mary dates back to the reign of Queen Mary I of England in the mid-1550s —and is a tribute to her “violent and ruthless nature, I’d rather prefer to think of our Bloody Mary not as a “blood bath.”More importantly – Stay Tuned for Leon’s Signature Bloody Mary Mix on shelves near you compliments of Fabulous Forbio secret recipe files!!