Another Christmas list item for me…Check this out – I am sure many of you will want one as well!
There’s a lot more than meets the eye with this trencher —
carve roasts or peel shrimp on the trenched side, or turn it over and it becomes a flat cutting board or a rustic platter for cheese and fruit.

FYI – This is on my Christmas list as well! Why – I can’t start putting a list together – everyone else seems too.

It’s the season for carving: turkeys are fast approaching and holiday roasts beckon. But if I know my friends, my guess is that you’ll all be doing a lot more carving and cutting all year long. The rich, dark walnut wood of Kaufmann Mercantile’s Trencher Board will make your roast look stunning, but even better — its gradual slope will make your job easier. Let the well at the back of the board collect juices as you slice, to keep them off the table and out of your work area.

It will simplify cutting tomatoes, cracking crabs, and slicing pot roast, but don’t forget about that turkey — use some butcher’s twine to make sure you get an evenly cooked bird, and your table will be complete.