It’s 4:30, you are only about a half hour away from the end of the day and you are already dreading the thought of making dinner. You’re tired, you are indecisive about what to make, and a part of you just wants to relax after a long day. Well, instead of throwing together that casserole you don’t even like, come visit us in North Haven!

At Leon’s, our doors are always open. We understand the stress of trying to prepare a meal for your family after you have already worked all day. Have a seat at our cozy restaurant and enjoy some of the best cuisines in North Haven. Here, we want you to feel like an old friend. Take a load off, order some bruschetta, and sit back for once.

In this post, we wanted to go over all the important reasons why we think a night out for a delicious Italian meal is necessary for you and your family.

Reasons to Dine at Our Italian Restaraunt

It’s Been a Long Day

Whether it’s Monday, Wednesday, or even Sunday you still could have had a rough day at work or even at home. When someone is tired, the last thing they want to do is prepare a meal. One of the most relaxing activities could be going out and having a meal prepared for you. Coming to our restaurant means kicking back and having an enjoyable evening with our family and yours. So, if you believe it’s time for a break and you really want to save that pot roast for another day, come eat a delicious and nutritious meal with us.

You Need a Time Out

If you have a family, you know you are doing things for your kids and significant other all the time. While you most likely don’t mind doing it, sometimes it is nice for someone to do something for you. We will take care of you when you step into our restaurant. Don’t worry about getting your own glass of wine, napkins, or even silverware. Our wait staff is diligent and timely with requests and will make sure your needs are met. Additionally, our chef prepares each meal with his unique flair, so you will be able to indulge in someone else’s cooking skills. Take some time for yourself, let your family know you need a night off, and we will see you when you get here.

You Don’t Get This Dish All the Time

Let’s face it, most of the time when you decide to go outside of the home for a meal, it is because you want something specific that you might not be able to execute on your own or your favorite dish might be at our restaurant and you have been craving it for far too long. Well, it’s time to finally be satisfied at Leon’s. We have the staple Italian dishes you know and love like “Quick Sauce”, Chicken Parmigiana, and Chicken Florentine. We also have some dishes you will learn to love such as Gypsy Chicken, Scrod leon, and Gnocchi Sorrentino, made with our incredible homemade family sauce. There’s a dish for everyone, and we are sure you will be coming back for more. So, if you are in search of an authentic Italian meal that you seems you can’t get right at home, we’ll bring it right to your table.

So Much Variety

You know you have that one person in your family who refuses to eat the meal you so lovingly prepared. “It’s too spicy.” “ I don’t even like green beans.” I want pizza instead.” Sometimes, nothing is more frustrating than having to prepare multiple meals for your family members. When you eat at our restaurant, you don’t need to worry about this scenario. Our restaurant will allow each of you to choose the meal of your choice, and there is no sharing required. Our dishes are also made to order, meaning we can customize it to your needs.

Enjoy a Night at Leon's!

These are just some of the reasons we feel you should come have a delicious and relaxing meal with us in North Haven. At Leon’s, sit down, have a glass of wine, and enjoy tastes from Italian dishes that are out of this world. We can’t wait to see you for lunch or dinner, any day of the week! Check back for our next blog with more reasons we believe you should come to our restaurant!