Especial Silver Tequila with a kick of cinnamon.

The best-selling tequila brand in the world has just kicked off the fall season with a fiery burn, in the form of Cinge. Jose Cuervo Cinge is now available and is sure to scorch. Actually, it’s a beautifully rounded, sweet cinnamon burn on the back end of Jose Cuervo Especial Silver tequila. What makes this fireball burn different? It’s all in the tequila: smooth and slightly fruity, but with authentic Mexican cinnamon and spices to lend sweet heat. The alcohol is 35% by volume.

A shot of tequila… it’s one of the most renowned drink rituals in the world. Customers request it all the time. Jose Cuervo is offering a little spice to that ritual, appealing to the Millenial consumers who are exploring bold flavors. If bartenders and mixologists want to explore this flavor in a drink, mix it with cola or apple cider!