When you think of Italian cuisine what are the first things that come to mind? We hope it’s delicious, cheesy, saucy, and filling, to start. However, have you ever considered that healthy can also be included and associated with this one of kind sustenance.

At Leon’s in North Haven, we want to let you in on why we feel Italian food is the greatest cuisine and why our chef is the best to prepare it in town. At our restaurant, you feel like friends, get prompt service, and enjoy delicious meals made with nothing but love. We want to inform you that Italian food may have a reputation for being heavy and possibly unhealthy for you, but that is simply not the case. Italian cuisine has many health benefits such as the use of fresh vegetables, fiber content, and antioxidants. Next time you sit down at Leon’s, remember you are doing something good for your health and heart.

Benefits of Italian Dishes

Maintain Weight

If you are attempting to become more health conscious and reach a certain weight goal, Italian food can absolutely help you do that. When eating this style food, you probably don’t realize how much these dishes are packed with fruits and vegetables your body needs. Items like tomatoes, spinach, onions, garlic, and more are quite tasty and low in calories. Additionally, there is much to be said about their vitamin content. One of the big vitamins present in this type of food is vitamin A, which helps you maintain great eyesight as well as promotes more iron. At Leon’s, we applaud you for wanting to feel better and more healthy. That’s why our meals are made with the freshest and most local ingredients for not only a delectable taste but for a healthy and balanced meal to be enjoyed by the whole family. You never have to feel restricted at our restaurant.

Gain Fiber

One of the most important aspects of your food intake is fiber. Fiber assists your body in maintaining cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and preventing uncomfortable situations with the tummy area. Italian food is full of fiber that is great for your body and digestive system. At Leon’s in North Haven, we use the finest and freshest ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and grains in our dishes so you can get the needed fiber in every meal.

Heart Healthy

One of the main ingredients in most Italian dishes is olive oil. Olive oil has omega-3 fatty acids which are great for your heart and can possibly prevent heart disease and high blood pressure. Another main ingredient you see often times in Italian meals is fish. Seafood also contains an abundant amount of omega 3-fatty acids. Try our Salmon next time you come visit us. It is deliciously pan seared with a honey balsamic and comes with season vegetables as a side.

Also, enjoy a glass of red wine. In recent years, studies have been shown that red wine may actually be good for your heart and overall health. Plus, red wine is a staple amongst Italian culture.


When you consume food that has plenty of antioxidants, this can help the body fight off cells that they may damage the body, such as from cancer. Foods high in antioxidants contain abundant amounts of vitamin A, C, and E. You see antioxidants present in many fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes. If anything knows anything about Italian cuisine, most recipes include tomatoes, which are very helpful for the body, as well as tasty.

Dine With Us in North Haven!

At Leon’s in North Haven, we always want to make sure your experience at our Italian restaurant is spectacular. Our chef is one of the best because his passion comes through in his dishes, plus he always wants to make sure you are satisfied with his cuisine. Our staff is there to greet your with a smile and to make sure you have everything you need to have a wonderful meal. Even if you have decided to try something new and you are keeping track of what you are eating, come to Leon’s. There is something here for everyone! Check back for more blogs about the benefits of Italian food and why you should come to our restaurant today!