Edward Varipapa, A James Beard Award Winning Chef and Fourth Generation Restaurateur, perfectly melds traditional Italian family recipes and innovative new creations using the finest, locally sourced ingredients. Edward is a nurturer, providing love and comfort to all with his cuisine. His personal touches cannot be replicated and go back to his childhood growing up in the kitchen of Leon’s at his Grandfather’s and Father’s side.

His commitment to exceeding expectations with his culinary creations, his own personal achievement in physical fitness, competitive dance, scuba diving, or a host of other activities, are second to none.


Edward’s approachability makes him a local celebrity whether he’s personally delivering new culinary creations to dining room patrons to sample or gliding through the bar with a tray of fresh Octopus beaming his charismatic smile. It is always a pleasure to be in his presence and it’s always an a wonderful experience to sample his cuisine.

Edward has been best described as “an irreplaceable culinary talent with an insatiable desire to make people happy”.

For Speaking Engagements, Celebrity Hosting, Cooking Presentations and Public Appearances please contact him here.

Coming soon is the new website where he will share his knowledge and experience in cuisine, health and fitness, and much more.