Wind down with these relaxing foods and learn how to lower your stress levels

It simply never ends! Work and life stress’ tend to amplify and do so quickly. We often take comfort in the solace of food. If you’re feeling down, indulging thoughtfully in a food that reminds you of the ones you love really can make you feel better. But by the same token, by arming yourself with nutritional information before you indulge (become a label-reader!), you’re less likely to overdo it and feel bad after. Of course, it never hurts to keep healthy snack alternatives handy and consume foods that actually make you feel less stressed.

Check these foods out to help relieve stress in your life:

Drinking more water will boost your energy levels, warding off sluggishness and fatigue. Drinking water will also trim your calorie intake and even help you lose weight. In fact, drinking a glass of water 15 to 30 minutes before every meal has been shown in some studies to help people lose weight. Try exercising or distracting yourself with another activity other than eating.

Oatmeal, Avocados, Milk, Asparagus
All these foods contain B vitamins. This class of vitamins — which includes B6, B12, and folate — are essential to the production of calming, anxiety-easing, and pleasure-inducing neurotransmitters such as serotonin, GABA, and dopamine.

Since your body doesn’t produce omega-3s, it’s important to make them part of your regular diet and walnuts are a fabulous source of these essential nutrients!

Salmon, Sardines, Oysters, Halibut
A deficiency in omega-3s has been linked to depression and mood swings. These sources of crucial fatty acids are also the go-to foods to reduce inflammation, which can be caused by stress.

Sunflower Seeds, Spinach
Are all magnesium rich. There are two reasons to consume magnesium, which is found in sunflower seeds and spinach as well as almonds, tofu, and wild rice. First, it helps produce GABA and dopamine, two calming neurotransmitters. Second, it’s a muscle relaxant.

Citrus Fruits
When you’re feeling stressed, your body produces the hormone cortisol. Too much cortisol could result in brain cell damage. Vitamin C helps prevent this kind of cellular damage while at the same time keeping your immune system strong.

Eat berries for the fiber. In addition to keeping your body regular, it also helps promote weight loss and makes you feel satisfied after eating.

Hope this helps! TDM