Trying to jump start and maintain a new diet is never easy. Too often we hit the ground running with a new diet and then BAM! We get sucked back into our errant ways due to lax planning and temptation.

It is crucial to plan and map your meals and snacks, build grocery lists, and track your water consumption and exercise. This will set your metabolism on fire and get you to shred your weight for the beach weather.

The ratio of complex carbs to fiber in beans and legumes helps your body burn through carbs more efficiently, making it less likely they’ll be stored as fat.

Oranges are particularly high in vitamin A, which supports the adrenal glands and lowers stress hormones that stimulate weight gain.

The easy to digest protein in halibut has an amino acid ratio that’s conducive to lean muscle development. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism gets.

Asparagus is especially high in boron, the element which helps the body efficiently utilize calcium and support the thyroid.

Ginger helps stimulate pancreatic enzymes that help you stabilize your blood sugar and burn food as fuel, not storing it as fat.

Consuming healthy fats stimulate bile in the liver and gallbladder that emulsify fats you eat and fats on the body.

Ground Turkey
Turkey is high in tryptophan, which supports balanced serotonin and stimules feel-full hormones so you feel satiated.

The phytonutrients in peppers have thermogenic properties, increasing heat in the body and speeding metabolism.

Spinach is high in iron, which helps deliver oxygen to your blood cells and stabilize the body’s pH.

Asian Pears
Fiber-rich Asian pears are excellent for digestion, helping break foods into small particles so they can be used to support metabolism.